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Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory

  • Subject {L-T-P / C} : BM3701 : Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory {0-0-3 / 2}

  • Subject Nature : Practical

  • Coordinator : Dr. Earu Banoth

  • 1. Design inverting and non-inverting amplifiers using OPAMP
    2. Design of OPAMP based differential amplifier
    3. Design of an instrumentation amplifier for the acquisition of bio signals
    4. Temperature measurement using a thermistor
    5. Measurement of temperature and humidity using digital sensor DHT 11
    6. Measurement of distance using an ultrasonic sensor
    7. Design of an intelligent LED light controller
    8. LCD display controlling system using Arduino
    9. Control of a stepper motor
    10. Measurement of heart rate using hand grip heart rate monitoring system

  • The students will be able to design op amp-based circuits

  • The students will learn to calibrate different sensor circuits for measuring physical quantities

  • To familiarize the basic electronic circuits, techniques, and considerations for the development of biomedical instruments using simulation tool

  • To understand and design various building blocks of health monitoring system

  • The ability to design and operate biopotential amplifiers

  • The ability to understand the working of various physiological systems

  • Ability to identify basic requirements of electronic components in the biomedical instrument development

  • To differentiate and analyze the biomedical signal sources

  • To acquire the knowledge for measuring and interpreting data from different transducers

  • Robert B. Northrop, Analysis and Application of Analog Electronic Circuits to Biomedical Instrumentation, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group , 2nd Edition

  • John G. Webster, Medical Instrumentation: Application and Design, John Wiley & Sons Inc. , 4th Edition

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